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Currently Experience Design Director
at Deloitte Digital Italy.

I'm trying to finish reading Black Edge by Sheelah Kolhaktar; listening to too little music; taking too few pictures; fasting too litlle; not yet started meditating.

But I have my good days too.

Should you feel the urge to check what else it is that I'm doing now: this is APB now.

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Alessndro Piana Bianco

I use design metohodologies to solve complex problems, and respond to challenges.

  • I design experiences
  • I help organisation to think strategically
  • I facilitate innovation through change
  • I define ecosystems
  • I map scenarios
  • I devise futures

You can see and download my résumé here.







Thoughts, considerations, and ideas about change, innovation, opportunities.

Opinions are the result of my own professional, and personal experience.

You can find my writings here.

// Design

How would you define Design?

Design as a communication tool, a language, a crucial part in the planning, and managing of human activities.

"To design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones."
Herbert Simon

// Experience

Can we design an experience?

By designing a product, planning for a service, describing a space, we can guide the way people experience that product, service, or space.

Paramount is to measure people response, the impact made, and finally the value created for all actors involved.

// Strategy

Think and act strategically now!

Undesrtanding the importance of asking the right questions, and open to external and unknown events is the starting point for being able to respond, adapt, anticipate change.

Designing today your system for uncertainty and constant change is the sole option for leading tomorrow.



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