I've been experimenting with Generative AI, both text-to-image (and specifically using Midjourney) as well as with LLM model (and specifically with OpenAI GPT models mainly through the ChatGPT conversational interface); some of those experiments resulted in photographic/illustration experiments and are available for sale as prints and posters.

Also, prompts and Design artifacts are available.

The Sneakers Experiment

Redefining Sneaker Aesthetics in the Digital Age: When AI Meets High Fashion

In an ever-digital world, the concept of aesthetics is being dynamically reshaped. As technology infiltrates traditional design principles, a significant question emerges: Will the future of creative direction and styling in the fashion industry hinge on text-to-image Artificial Intelligence?

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Creative Direction for the post-brand era


where reality & consciousness are woven into a distorted tapestry / creative direction for the post-brand era by Alessandro L. Piana Bianco.

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Fashion Editorial AI Shootings

AI Generated

Explore the unique blend of traditional photography techniques and AI innovation in this collection of AI Generated Photography.

Available on Saatchi Art, these artworks challenge the meaning of photography we've been using until now. And reality.

Browse the collection on Saatchi Art.

AI Generated

Discover a collection of AI Generated Illustrations on Society6. Art prints, posters, and phone covers for sale.

AI Prompts

Ready to use and customisable Midjourney prompts available for sale on PromptBase.

Design Resources &

Design guides, posters, and artifacts for Design Thinking activities, Strategic and System Thinking Design.

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